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Famous Annuity Owners

An annuity is a lump sum of cash invested to produce a monthly stream of income for a fixed period or for life. Annuities tend to provide high layers of protection for your investments. Below are two famous annuity owners, as well as a handful of annuity misnomers. Contact us if you are interested in exploring options

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A values-based approach to wealth management

Ted Moyer, President of Legacy 360 Financial LLC,  was featured in the May 10, 2018 issue of Proactive Advisor Magazine, a weekly publication that delivers the latest news and trends in active investment management.  In this article, Ted talks about his client-service philosophy. Proactive Advisor Magazine: Ted, talk about your client-service philosophy. Ultimately, our business

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Retirement Planning Worksheet

With a title like “Sharpen your pencils, let’s work the numbers” I knew you would enjoy being provided with the opportunity to see how ready you are for retirement, and if your numbers add up to what you thought they would in terms of your ideas of where to put your retirement saving so that

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Social Security Earlier?

The article I thought to share with you this week tells us that if you celebrate your 62nd birthday in 2017 or soon after, you’re in the vanguard of a big change in Social Security. Starting with people hitting that milestone in January, the full retirement age (FRA)—that is, when you can collect your entire

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